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Hannover Messe 2019

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Amper 2019

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Electronic relay REL IV/DC and REL IV/AC

The REL IV electronic relay is monostable. The relay mechanical contact switches from the voltage- free state at the input to the operating state when control voltage is connected, which is DC for the REL IV/DC relay and AC for the REL IV/ AC. The REL IV relay is to be installed on a TS35 DIN rail.

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AMOS/1A single-phase flexible sensor with a current output

The AMOS/1A single-phase flexible sensor is designed to convert alternating current of mains frequency for measuring instruments with a standard 1 A current input. It consists of two structural parts, a flexible part sensing the alternating current based on the Rogowski coil principle and a converter unit with the integrator and converter functions.

The flexible sensing part is characterized by a small diameter, resistance against water and the effects of external alternating magnetic fields and good flexibility. It is produced in three lengths of the sensing part, AMOS M standard – 40 cm, AMOS M long – 60 cm and AMOS M short – 20 cm.

The converter unit has high efficiency even with the output power of 2.5 VA, a wide range of DC supply voltage and a compact design.

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MTPD measuring current transformer with a split core

The MTPD measuring current transformer is installed on a cable of LV grids. In MV grids it can only be installed on insulated cores of a MV cable whose insulation ensures the required insulation barrier, and it must be installed at points with sufficient surface and aerial distances from live parts.

The transformer is characterized by its design and insulation, which meets the requirements of the CAT IV / 300 V measuring category in the operating state, and it is designed in safety class II. It is designed for installation in operated LV switchboards without the need for mechanical adjustments. It has an advantageous proportion of the window surface to the outer dimensions. It is intended for use in sheltered areas. It contains a low-loss protection against the effects of a disconnected secondary circuit. .

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Panel PQ monitor MEg44PAN

A panel PQ monitor MEg44PAN is designed for measuring at the LV level. It measures three voltages and three currents. It provides the functions of direct recording and displaying of measured quantities, recorder, electricity meter and analysis of voltage quality, and the function of recording HDO telegrams, all performed simultaneously, without interruptions and gaps. It can be used for oscillographic records.

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