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Panel PQ monitor MEg44PAN

A panel PQ monitor MEg44PAN is designed for measuring at the LV level. It measures three voltages and three currents. It provides the functions of direct recording and displaying of measured quantities, recorder, electricity meter and analysis of voltage quality, and the function of recording HDO telegrams, all performed simultaneously, without interruptions and gaps. It can be used for oscillographic records.

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Communication unit MEg202.5 for LTE network

The communication unit MEg202.5 in its basic configuration provides remote transmission of states or changes of binary inputs and commands by GSM / GPRS, UMTS / HSPA and LTE networks of mobile operators. The measured values are transferred through the serial communication line RS485 from connected measuring devices. It implements the standardized communication protocol according to EN 60870-5-104:2006 standard and enable the connected devices to be integrated in the SCADA system either directly or by means of data concentrators..

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Portable Multiple input PQ monitor MEg37

The multiple input PQ monitor MEg37 measures four voltages and the total of 36 currents at the LV level. It provides the functions of measuring and evaluation of voltage quality recording of time courses of electrical quantities and the function of electric power measurement and record of ripple control duration. In the function of measuring and evaluation of power quality, it evaluates the set voltage quality parameters for three measured voltages and three measured currents with the precision of Class S, using methods meeting the requirements of EN 62586 for Class A.

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Monitor MEg46 PAN

The MEg46PAN monitor is designed for measuring in industrial energy operations on the LV level. It is characterized by the flexibility of its functions and expectations of integration into measuring systems. The device is equipped with a two-wire RS485 interface with galvanic isolation interface (RJ45) Ethernet 10/100M (802.3u), USB 2.0 and one-bit binary interface formed by relay contact. Available protocols are MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, SNTP, DHCP, ICMP, SNMP, TFTP and HTTP.

Monitor MEg44 for LV networks

The MEg44 class S monitor measures three voltages and three currents of the DTS transformer at LV level. It provides the functions of recording, electricity meter and analysis of power quality, all performed simultaneously. Methods of measuring voltage quality meet the requirements of EN 62586-2:2014. In the recording function, the MEg44 monitor processes all measured quantities, evaluates powers, energies and harmonics up to the 64th order.

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MEgML measuring rail

The MEgML measuring rail is to be installed between the busbars and fuse or disconnector rails of low voltage cases. It allows the measuring of phase currents at the terminal and of busbar phase voltages, as well as, optionally, of the voltage at the terminal. It also allows the identification of the condition of fuses. The optional voltage measurement at the outlet is done via a 3-phase front-end resistor connected to the voltage beyond the fuses. If the disconnector rail is equipped with indication of interruption of fuses and indication of handling the draw bar, such indication can be transferred through the measuring rail.

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