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MEgML measuring rail

The MEgML measuring rail is to be installed between the busbars and fuse or disconnector rails of low voltage cases. It allows the measuring of phase currents at the terminal and of busbar phase voltages, as well as, optionally, of the voltage at the terminal. It also allows the identification of the condition of fuses. The optional voltage measurement at the outlet is done via a 3-phase front-end resistor connected to the voltage beyond the fuses. If the disconnector rail is equipped with indication of interruption of fuses and indication of handling the draw bar, such indication can be transferred through the measuring rail.

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Universal energy meter MEg40+/supra

The universal energy meter MEg40+/supra works as an energy meter and a monitor at the same time. In the function of the energy meter, it has a set of six energy registers for each phase. In the function of the monitor, it records long-term voltage, current and power curves and according to the voltage quality standard ČSN EN 50160 ed. 3, it registers voltage deviations in class S. The power to measure also deep and longer voltage dips on the LV level without an uninterruptible power supply unit is provided by supercapacitors. The values of energies and recorded quantities are shown on the display. The instrument MEg40+/supra is designed for LV, MV and HV measurements.

Measuring adapter 1L/MEg38 and 3L/MEg38

Measuring adapter 1L/MEg38 or 3L/MEg38 is used for measurement of voltages and currents on 1-phase or 3-phase devices. Adapter is connected between socket and measured device. The adapter has safe terminals for voltage measurement and isolated bridges for the current sensors. It is useful for precise measurement of device’s consumption, determining the influence of the device on supply network, indicative measurement of the operation of the device, or detailed diagnostics.


PQ monitor MEg38/C

The PQ monitor MEg38/C is intended for measuring and recording of four voltages and four currents, active and reactive powers and energies in three-phase LV, MV and HV networks. It analyses and evaluates voltage quality parameters on the voltages inputs U1, U2 and U3 in accordance with EN 50160 ed. 3 and measurement methods of class S of EN 61000-4-30 ed. 2. In the functions of quality measurement and in the function of waveform recording, it evaluates all quantities without gaps and interruptions. The monitor MEg38/C can be used also for oscillographic recording of measured quantities enabled by events or voltages on the input U4. Using the user software functions, it is possible to select capacitor values of compensation batteries and set the breakdown switch value.

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Output feeder monitor MEg71

Output feeder monitor MEg71 is designed for measuring of voltage, current, power and energy on output feeder in LV switchgear equipped with fuse rails or fuse disconnectors.

Version MEg71D displays on 8 digit iluminated LCD measured values of phase voltages, phase currents and active and reactive power on switchgear output. Slim version MEg71S indicates presence of voltage in tolerance limits using LED indicators U1, U2 and U3.

Output feeder monitor MEg71 measures and records events on the voltage by methods defined in standard EN 61000-4-30,ed. 2 without gaps and interruptions. Energy measurement is in four quadrants with six registers for each phase.

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Compact monitor of phase MEg70 was awarded in competition GOLDEN AMPER 2013

Trade fair administration TERINVEST in cooperation with the expert committee awarded company MEgA for its exponate Compact monitor of phase MEg70 in competition GOLDEN AMPER 2013 which was held during 21st International Fair of Electrotechnics and Electronics, Automation and Communication AMPER 2013.

The competition is intended for exponates whose parameters are comparable to the world level and reflects current trends in the industry. Other evaluation criteria  are technical and technological level, originality of solution, safety and user friendly usability of the device or the possibilities of providing service and spare parts, environmental performance and overall level of presentation of the exponate.(

The news report from the trade fair and the Golden Amper award ceremony.

Information about the MEg70 compact monitor

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